Thursday, June 28, 2012


I for some reason can't go more then a month without craving a purple mani. This is zoya lotus another zoya I scored during the earth day sale. The photos honestly don't do this polish justice but even with that I felt kinda drab about it since to me it's more of a fall color. Below is 2 coats with fast dry

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Papa-razzi don't preach

This Nicole by opi collection is probably my only complete collection. I generally don't have the funds to have a complete collection. Even with that usually there are one or two colors I could do without. This spring collection spoke to me. I have worn all but two as a full mani and I've enjoyed each color. This is no exception I honestly feel papa-razzi don't preach and strike a pose are my two faves! Papa-razzi is just a perfect blend of peach and pink neutral that it makes my hands feel delicate and girly. I can easily see myself wearing this color year round since it really doesn't scream a season like a neon or vamp. It's classic colors like this that steal my heart! Below is 2 coats with a fast dry top coat.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Zoya Rory

I am still wearing all of my zoya's. I am also still trying to remember to post I have a bunch of manis on backlog at this point I really should post every day. Rory was just ok for me I really do like how this has a foil metallic quality to it. It was not brush stroke heavy even with that. I guess it's just the color on me didn't wow me but either way it's application was good no problems. Below is 2 coats with insta top coat.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The "it" color

This is another from my eBay haul. I was actually looking forward to this the most of all the colors I got. I've been searching for A yellow that looks really good against my skin. This is a definite contender! I honestly can't deal with having the same color on my nails for more than a few days so I probably won't try another yellow out for a few weeks!! This is a perfect yellow cab yellow. Formula was pretty snotty :( it was still better than some other yellows I have tried but for an OPI it was definitely below normal standard. I ended up smudging this almost right after because I was busy making coffee on my way out to the park. Of course I had a quick dry topcoat on but if you nick your nail hard enough it will still show a smudge. This is to coats with fast dry topcoat I will wear this again this summer maybe on my toes!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Jade is the new black

Hi!! I got this cheap from eBay. I have sadly turned into an eBay bidding junkie I'm constantly trying to put myself on no buys then bidding on polish lots on eBay. Either way these are great colors. This green applied like a sweet dream I actually enjoyed applying this polish creamy and easy I possibly could have gotten away with one thick even coat but I'm not that talented yet so I did 2 coats. There was a mini contest going in instagram and I decided to enter just to test my skills I in no way thought I would come close to wining. And then to make matters worse my daughter turned into a clingy third arm for most of the day, not sure if she wasn't feeling well or what all I know is that that day I ended up throwing her in her crib and letting her cry it out just to have 10 minutes to myself to clean a little so I wouldn't lose my mind it was bad! :( needless to say the art part of this smudged when she pooped right when I finished and I had to change her diaper. At this point I sadly stopped I had originally planned more but I didn't even do my left hand :( anyway the color is great and I can totally see myself wearing it in the fall

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Deep cleansers

Hello folks! I usually post from my Iphone just because its easiest for me. I found its the only way I post regularly. I am still on the search for the complete right hair and face products so I am composing some posts today on previous comparisons for my own reference and anyone who happens to stop by my spot. I used to be a huge Neutrogena fan. I actually even have some of their hair products and I am still a huge fan to a point. now that I am over 30 and that plus the changes my body has gone though since the birth of my daughter has caused me to pull slightly away from the Neutrogena line. I still think these worked great in my 20's tho. I used to use Neutrogena's deep clean gentle scrub. I loved how this had that minty feel in the morning. It was gentle while still giving me a invigorating clean feeling after. This combined with visibly even and my skin was good to go. I wanted to note that once this bottle was used up once I called myself *saving and buying into the CVS brand... DISASTER ... The CVS brand is nothing like the Neutrogena's the beads are huge and never really scrubbed into my face I also found it to be more harsh on my skin then the Neutrogena's this is one case where generic really doesn't pay off. I have in the past had great results with some generic products that were "modeled" after the name brand, Especially in the hair care area, but obviously the same formula does not hold true for facial cleansers and I honestly doubt I will even buy another generic unless I read somewhere how "great and like such and such" it is. After I got pregnant I stopped using the Neutrogena (worried about some of the chemical content etc) and now my skin seems like it dulls easier so I am letting this cleanser go for a cream cleanser, mostly because I feel my skin needs more moisture then before... anyway I will post on what I am currently using and opinion laters... till then toodles.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Flying dragon

I had a handy 10 off 20 coupon at Sally's and I was in Ohio visiting family ( yes there are no Sally's in manhattan) anyhow I found flying dragon on the display at Sally's regular core china glaze line. It's a neon but for some reason I have a weakness for purple polish. I picked this baby up along with some out the door fast dry and a few other items which I will review later. I guess I never really noticed how Matte a neon drys. This also dried a lot darker than I expected. I still found the flecks of color to be interesting. After a day or so with this I decided to spruce it up with a striping tool and some stones. I quite liked the result :). Below is 2 coats of china glaze flying dragon super fast easy application as most china glazes are. The wear time kinda sucked after about 2 days this baby was chipping :(